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Spouting Guide: What are the Different Styles of Spouting?

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Your property’s spouting doesn’t have to be like every other house in the street—there are many options available when it comes to functional and aesthetically pleasing rainwater systems. We’ve been assisting New Zealand property owners with their spouting solutions for years. Have a read below as we investigate some of the many different spouting styles.

Continuous Spouting vs. Traditional Spouting: What’s the Difference?

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Is your property in need of replacement spouting? Traditional spouting styles are no longer your only options available—continuous spouting is becoming increasingly popular among New Zealand property owners. When deciding on continuous spouting, you’ll quickly realise that there are many benefits you won’t find with the more traditional forms of spouting.

Fascia Board Systems: Everything You Need to Know

A fascia board system plays a very important role when it comes to both the look and functionality of your home. Here at Custom Fascia & Spouting, our team are the experts when it comes to finding the best fascia panelling to suit properties of all styles and ages. We’ve created a complete fascia boards and panelling system summary.

Do Your Gutters Need Replacing?


Gutters play an integral role when it comes to your property’s rainwater management system. It usually isn’t until an issue occurs, like a leak or crack, that we realise how important our gutters are. Here at Custom Fascia & Spouting—we’re the guttering specialists. We’ve put together a summary of the top indicators that your gutters may need replacing.

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