Spouting Styles: Our Top Recommendations

14th May 2020

If your guttering and spouting are due for an update, you may have already started your research into the different styles out there.

Your spouting system plays an integral role when it comes to your property’s rainwater management and this is why it’s essential you find the most appropriate style to suit your needs.

Another aspect you should consider when selecting new spouting for your property is the appearance.

The gutters and spouting of a property may seem like a minor factor, but they can do wonders when tying together a desired look.

To help you decide which spouting style you should go with for your property, the team of specialists here at Custom Fascia & Spouting has put together a simple summary to outline our top spouting style recommendations.


1. The Box Gutter:

A timeless classic, the box gutter has been designed so that it can deal with heavy rainfall which makes it a particularly popular choice for property owners across New Zealand. The higher face of a box gutter also makes it an ideal option when you have the aesthetic of your property in mind, this is because the box gutter hides unsightly views of a property’s roofing sheet.

Box guttering is usually available in a variety of different sizes—here at Custom Fascia & Spouting, our box gutters can be installed in either 125mm, 175mm or 300mm options.

2. Half Round & Quarter Round Spouting:

Both half round and quarter round spouting styles are very popular for those seeking a simple and minimalistic option. These spouting styles will complement any property, regardless of the age or whether a modern or traditional aesthetic is wanting to be achieved. At Custom Fascia & Spouting, we will also supply internal or external brackets with your quarter round spouting.

If you are seeking a spouting option that will bring a sleek and streamlined look to your residential or commercial property, either half round or quarter round spouting could be the ideal solution for you.

3. Old Gothic Spouting:

Old Gothic spouting is usually more commonly installed to those properties of a traditional or Colonial style. Our Old Gothic range is installed in one of two sizes, 125mm or 150mm. It is also supplied with internal or external brackets.

If you’re wanting to achieve an aesthetic for your property that is reminiscent of a Colonial style home, Old Gothic spouting is our top recommendation.

Want to learn more about the different spouting styles?

If you’re still not quite sure which spouting style would best suit your requirements, be sure to get in touch with the team of specialists at Custom Fascia & Spouting. We’ve been installing continuous spouting systems for years and we’re always happy to assist our clients with finding their best spouting solution.

Contact our team of experts today for further information or to arrange your obligation-free quote.

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