Continuous spouting: Everything you need to know

22nd May 2020

The good news is that standard spouting is no longer your only option. These days, there is a range of spouting and guttering styles out there and one of our favourites here at Custom Fascia & Spouting is continuous spouting.

If you’ve never heard of continuous spouting before or would like to learn more about it, keep reading! Our team of specialists have put together a summary below that breaks down everything you need to know about continuous spouting.

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What is it?

The best way to understand exactly what continuous spouting is by comparing it with standard types of spouting. Standard spouting is constructed from multiple pieces of pipe which are joined together upon installation.

Continuous spouting, on the other hand, is custom made so that the lengths of the pipe fit the dimensions of your property.

What are the benefits?

Continuous spouting comes with a range of benefits and we regularly recommend that our clients opt for the continuous option over standard spouting. Firstly, continuous spouting is the most practical option long term.

Due to there being far fewer joints throughout a continuous spouting system, there are far fewer vulnerable sections of the spouting at risk of blockages, leaks and cracks. This means maintaining a continuous spouting system is much easier than traditional types of spouting.

Continuous spouting is also a winner when it comes to the looks department. Fewer joints throughout the spouting make for an extremely sleek, clean and fresh appearance.

So if you’re wanting to also achieve a desired aesthetic as well as practicality, continuous spouting is always a top choice. Here at Custom Fascia & Spouting, our continuous spouting options are available in a range of colour options so there will be something to complement every property.

The continuous spouting installation process is also much quicker than standard types of spouting.

This is because the custom made spouting will arrive at your property on installation day and there is no need to cut and connect multiple pieces like with standard spouting. This also means that there’s far less wasted material from offcuts!

Considering continuous spouting for your property?

Here at Custom Fascia & Spouting, we’ve been installing continuous spouting to properties across New Zealand for many years now. If you think continuous spouting could be the ideal solution for your property, be sure to get in touch with our team of experts today to arrange your free measure and quote.

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