Fascia Panelling Explained: What is fascia & why is it so important?

Wednesday 10th June 2020

If you’re in the process of renovating a property or building a new one, you have probably started coming across a few building and architectural terms that you previously haven’t put much thought into. One of these terms might be the fascia panels of the property.

What exactly is fascia and why is it such an essential part of a building? Have a read below as we explain everything there is to know about fascia to make sure you’re ready for your next renovation project.

What is fascia?

Fascia is an architectural term that refers to the panelling that runs just beneath the edge of the roof of a building and is sometimes referred to as the roofline. The purpose of the fascia is to cover the space between the roof, eaves and wall while creating a neat and streamlined finish.

The fascia is structurally important and can also be harnessed when you are wanting to achieve a specific aesthetic for your property. This is because fascia is available in a variety of styles, colours and sizes.

Different types of fascia board materials:

These days, the fascia panelling of a property can come in many variations in terms of the materials used. Traditionally, fascia boards have been made from timber materials and this is still a popular option among New Zealand property owners. Composite, vinyl and aluminium are other materials that are often used for fascia panelling.

Our fascia panelling is suitable to be used with an extensive range of roof types. It works via a simple attachment system which makes for easy removal and reinstallation without any disturbance to the existing roofing.

DIY fascia vs. hiring a professional:

If you’re trying to cut costs throughout your renovation, you may have considered DIY fascia boards. Many of the big hardware stores stock a variety of fascia options which are designed to be installed by the homeowner. Depending on the particular fascia board you go with, it’s possible the quality won’t be up to par compared to a professional installation.

By opting for an experienced team like the experts at Custom Fascia & Spouting to install your fascia panelling, you can feel confident that the final product will be high-quality, installed correctly and you won’t have ongoing repairs to worry about down the track. Selecting the right fascia is a critical design choice and it is important to make sure that you like the colour and style of your gutters, as they should last for many years.

Would you like a fascia quote?

For further information on our fascia panelling options or to arrange your obligation-free quote, be sure to get in touch with the specialists at Custom Fascia & Spouting today.

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