Our custom made spouting, fascia and guttering Auckland products are measured on site every single time which ensures that you pay for only what you need.

At Custom Fascia and Spouting we are specialists in continuous copper and colorcote spouting, along with any internal or external fascia board systems that will suit any new or existing home, all our products are available in a selection of colours to enhance and personalise the look of your home.

We offer rainwater systems in aluminium, titanium zinc and stainless steel which offer superior strength and are an elegant option for your home’s exterior. Copper also offers peace of mind with a minimum 20 year warranty against corrosion.

Continuous spouting will produce a clean, sharp outline for your home, and can eliminate any expansion problems and leaky joints.

At Custom Fascia and Spouting, we can custom make almost any guttering system to suit any application. We are certified installers and agents of Klass and Roofing industries internal and external fascia systems.


125mm, 175mm & 300mm Box Gutter

The Gutter sizes are designed to perform where heavy rainfall may occur. A higher face prevents unsightly views of the end of the roofing sheet, particularly on higher ribbed profiles.

Quarter Round

Quarter Round Spouting maintains its traditional appeal, and provides simplicity and classic lines for use in most residential applications. Supplied with internal or external brackets.

1/2 Round 150mm

Well proven, and recognised as an aesthetically pleasing spouting product. ½ Round will certainly enhance the overall appeal of your home.

Old Gothic 125mm and 150mm

Old Gothic, which is available in two sizes, is reminiscent of the spouting types used on colonial homes. Old Gothic is supplied with internal or external brackets.

cross section mm (sq)
125mm Half Round 6150
150mm Half Round 8700
1/4 Round 6300
125mm O/G 5800
150mm O/G 9000
125 Box Gutter 7500
175mm box gutter 20100
Down Pipes
Available in 65mm, 80mm, 100mm and 150mm sizes, and supplied in varying lengths to meet requirements.

We can also manufacture in square, rectangle or build something custom to suit your application.

We offer and install downpipes in materials such as colorcote, copper, aluminium, titanium zinc, stainless steel and PVC and will do our best to ensure you get the right material and colour to suit you.

degrees Roof pitch 0 – 25 26 – 35 36 – 45 46 – 55
65mm Round 60 50 40 35
80mm Round 100 80 70 60
100mm Round 155 130 110 90
Fascia Systems
Profiles of Fascia that we provide: 135mm, 150mm and 190mm (also available in wood grain) and 165mm and 195mm timber fascia which is a pre-painted finished product.

Fascia can be used in conjunction with a wide number of roof types. Fascias work by incorporating a simple attachment system that allows removal and reinstallation without disturbing the main roof material.

We also manufacture and supply any custom fascia or gutter/spouting to suit any application. Click to view more information:

Metal Tile / Longrun 135mm Fascia

Soffit Gable Ends / Asphalt Fibreglass Shingles 135mm Fascia

Asphalt / Fibreglass Shingles 135mm Fascia

Concrete Tile Roof 135mm Fascia

Concrete / Metal Tile 180mm Fascia

Concrete / Metal Tile / Long Run / Asphalt Shingles 150mm Fascia

Rainwater Heads
At Custom Fascia and Spouting we offer a range of rainwater heads in standard and custom made designs.

Our rainwater heads are available in colorcote, copper, aluminium, titanium zinc and stainless steel and our rainwater systems are available in aluminium, titanium zinc and stainless steel for superior strength.

If you want custom fascia work done in Auckland or the Bay Of Plenty call custom fascia today.

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