5 Benefits of Using Continuous Spouting on Your Property

November 16 2018

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November 16 2018

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When adding spouting to a new home or replacing old spouting on an existing one, you have two main spouting style choices: continuous or sectional. Most homeowners will be familiar with traditional sectional gutters, which are constructed by connecting many smaller sections of guttering together. Continuous spouting, on the other hand, consists of one single piece with joins appearing only where the spouting will wrap around corners.

Your spouting and gutters are an important element of your home so it’s important that you make the right decision when choosing an style for your property.

While spouting has a lot to do with collecting rainwater, protecting your roof and your home, it should also fits with the overall aesthetic of your home. Nowadays, more and more homeowners are choosing continuous spouting over sectional for a number of reasons.

Let’s take a look at just some of the advantages of using continuous spouting and why it is quickly becoming the top choice for homeowners.

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Continuous Spouting is Easier to Maintain

Sectional spouting means many different joins, making them highly susceptible to accumulating debris. With different kinds of debris piling up at the joins over time, such as leaves, twigs and dirt, there is a lot of cleaning and maintenance required to keep them functional.

Continuous spouting is much more streamlined as it only has joins at the corners, so they are much less prone to debris build-up and require much less maintenance.

Continuous Spouting Means No Leaks

When debris gathers at the joins of sectional spouting it causes problems. Over time, it will wear away at the seal until it separates and starts to leak. If you don’t take action and have the spouting repaired quickly, things can go from bad to worse fast, often resulting in the spouting becoming completely separated and essentially useless.

With continuous spouting, you don’t have this issue as they are constructed from one long piece of material and don’t have regular joins.


Continuous Spouting
Comes in Many
Styles and Colours

Depending on the aesthetic you are after, there’s a huge range of continuous spouting styles and colours for you to choose from. You can opt for styles such as Old Gothic Spouting which is a great fit for traditional colonial homes, ½ Round Spouting which creates a clean modern aesthetic or Quarter Round Spouting for a classic finish.

As for colours to choose from, you can be sure of finding something that will complement your home.


Continuous Spouting is Custom Made

Another great advantage of continuous spouting is that it is custom made for your home. Your home will be measured by a professional and the spouting will be cut to fit your individual requirements.

There are no ‘off-the-shelf’ cuts, everything is made-to-measure so that it is the perfect fit for your property and to ensure your spouting and work as efficiently as possible.

Custom Spouting is a Great Investment

Custom continuous spouting is a solid investment in your home with a great return. Compared with sectional spouting, there are fewer repairs required and less maintenance needed. This means that once the spouting is installed, there’s really very little else for you to pay for.

What’s more, the continuous spouting from Custom Fascia and Spouting is backed by a ten-year guarantee to give you true peace of mind for the future.


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