Why You Should Switch to Continuous Spouting

30th March 2020

Continuous spouting is gradually becoming more and more popular for property owners across New Zealand. Here at Custom Fascia & Spouting, we are big advocates when it comes to continuous spouting and we want everyone to consider making the switch from standard spouting to continuous.

Have a read below as we investigate the many benefits of continuous spouting—hopefully we can convince you to make the change to a continuous system!

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1. Maintenance:

Traditional types of spouting are constructed from several pieces of material which are joined together upon installation. It is usually at these joints that you will first start to notice issues with your spouting. This is because the joints of the spouting are the most vulnerable, so they will typically be the first spots where leaks and blockages occur.

By opting for continuous spouting that is manufactured from one custom piece of pipe, you will have less joints which therefore means less areas at risk of repairs and maintenance.

2. Installation:

Another benefit that comes with continuous spouting is that it also provides a much quicker and easier installation process. This is because when the installation team arrives at your property, they will already have the custom length pieces of spouting ready to go and won’t have to spend time cutting and joining multiple pieces of material together.

Another positive that comes from this is a reduction in the wasted materials because there won’t be a heap of offcuts left over. This also means less money spent on wasted materials.

3. Appearance:

One of the top reasons property owners are making the switch to continuous spouting is because of the overall look. A continuous spouting system will bring a sleek, clean and crisp aesthetic to your property, making it particularly popular among renovators. The seamless appearance of continuous spouting is perfect for those seeking a minimalistic finish.

Available in a range of colour schemes and materials, there’s a continuous spouting style out there to suit any property age or aesthetic. Here at Custom Fascia & Spouting, we even install copper spouting—the ideal choice for those wanting a unique and high-end look.

Learn more about Continuous Spouting today:

The specialists at Custom Fascia & Spouting have been installing continuous spouting for many years now and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with honest advice and tips when it comes to your rainwater system.

If this blog has piqued your interest in continuous spouting, get in contact with our expert team today.

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