Spouting Guide: What are the Different Styles?

Wednesday 13th November 2019

Renovating or building from scratch—a well designed guttering and spouting system is an essential addition to properties of all ages and styles.

These days, there’s a huge range of spouting options on the market, making it a little confusing when it comes to deciding which will be best for your property, needs and budget.

Here at Custom Fascia & Spouting, our team of experts have put together a handy guide to help you understand the different spouting styles available.

We’ve created a summary of some of our top spouting choices including box guttering, quarter round spouting, half round spouting and old gothic spouting.


1. The Box Gutter:

Specifically designed to perform when heavy downpours hit, box gutters are perfect for properties in Auckland and all throughout New Zealand.

The box gutter has a higher face which creates a sleek look and prevents you from seeing the end of the roofing sheets.

Box gutters are typically available in a variety of sizes to suit different properties. At Custom Fascia & Spouting, our box gutter range is available in 125mm, 175mm and 300mm.

2. Quarter Round Spouting:

Quarter round spouting is popular because of the traditional look it creates. It’s the perfect addition for Federation style homes—but because of its minimalistic appearance, it will also suit practically any type of residential property.

Due to the simple and clean lines of this particular spouting style, it’s sure to be a timeless addition to New Zealand properties both new and old. At Custom Fascia & Spouting, we supply our quarter round spouting with either internal or external brackets.

3. Half Round Spouting:

A fan favourite among Auckland property owners and renovators, this half round spouting option is the perfect choice when it comes to refreshing the overall look of your property and adding a modern touch.

Half round spouting is ideal for both residential and commercial properties and is designed with our New Zealand weather conditions in mind.

Here at Custom Fascia & Spouting, our half round spouting is available in different colour variations, so there’s guaranteed to be an option to complement the exterior of your property precisely.

4. Old Gothic Spouting:

The ideal choice if you’re searching for a traditional look—the old gothic spouting style is another top choice for Colonial and Federation style properties.

The experts at Custom Fascia & Spouting provide our old gothic spouting and guttering in two different sizes—if you’re not sure which will best suit your home, just ask our team of specialists.

Also available in a range of colour choices, this particular form of spouting is supplied with internal or external brackets depending on the property type.

Update Your Spouting Today:

With such an extensive range of spouting styles and sizes available, there’s something out there to suit your property, budget and needs exactly. Here at Custom Fascia & Spouting, we install a variety of spouting options including the box gutter, quarter round, half round and old gothic styles.

Refresh your property and ensure you’re prepared for whenever heavy rainfall hits by updating your guttering and spouting. Contact the specialists at Custom Fascia & Spouting today to arrange your quote.

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