Gutter replacement or repair? How to Know the Difference

21 February 2020

The gutters of your property play an essential role when it comes to effective rainwater management. You probably won’t think too much about your guttering until there’s an issue—this is when you’ll realise just how important well-maintained guttering is!

Here at Custom Fascia & Spouting, we regularly have clients asking us about their guttering issues—are they repairable or is a complete replacement the better solution? To help you uncover whether your guttering problem is a repair or replacement job, we’ve put together a quick and simple summary.

1. Cracks, chips & splits:

Cracks forming in your guttering will often be the first sign that trouble is on the way. The longer that cracks and splits are left, the worse they will get. For this reason, we recommend you have cracks sealed and repaired as soon as you notice them.

When cracks and splits in your guttering are left for too long, they will gradually become bigger and troublesome leaks will start happening, especially when there’s heavy rainfall. If detected early enough, cracks and splits could be a simple repair job, but if left too long, your gutters may need to be replaced.

2. Leaking gutters:

If you find that your gutters are leaking (even if it’s just when the rainfall has been particularly heavy) there’s a high chance that cracks and splits have been left too long. Problem areas where leaks are occurring can be sealed and you’ll find the issue will be resolved temporarily.

Eventually, the cracks will reappear and leaks will start happening again—potentially even worse than before! If this is the case for you, it’s best to opt for a gutter replacement. This will save you the hassle of continually having to mend leaking spots that keep coming back.

3. Mildew, mould or rotting wood:

If you notice signs of unnecessary moisture around your property (this will usually be in the form of mould, mildew or even rotting wood) it’s possible that your guttering hasn’t been doing its job.

If the moisture is getting to the stage where it’s rotting the wood of your fencing or leading to mould and mildew forming around your property, you definitely need to get to the bottom of the issue so it can be fixed ASAP. We recommend that if you suspect an issue with your guttering or spouting that’s leading to moisture issues, you should have a professional inspect your property to pinpoint the problem.

Need more guttering advice?

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