Gutter Repairs: The Most Common Issues

2nd January 2020

Gutters play an extremely important role when it comes to your property’s rainwater management system. We generally don’t think too much about our gutters—but when an issue happens you’ll know about it!

Here at Custom Fascia & Spouting, we’ve been installing gutters for many years now and we’ve come across just about every guttering problem there is.

We recommend investing in good quality guttering and ensuring you regularly maintain your gutters to help minimise the need for repairs or replacements. No matter how well you look after your guttering, as time goes by, there’s always going to be some wear and tear that will require attention.

To help you know what you should be looking out for, our team of guttering experts has put together a summary of some of the most common gutter issues we come across.

1. Blocked Gutters

Blockages will start to form in your guttering over time and the water won’t be able to flow through if there’s too much debris in the way. Blocked gutters are one of the most common guttering problems we hear about and they’re also one of the easier issues to avoid. It’s important to have your gutters regularly cleaned to reduce the risk of major blockages forming.

Over time, leaves and other debris will fall into your guttering and eventually turn into blockages that can sometimes result in more serious issues like cracks and leaks. It’s best to put in the effort now to make sure your gutters are kept in a clean condition and avoid any major blocks occurring.

2. Leaks

Leaking spouting is another common problem you might encounter with your rainwater system. Your spouting is constantly exposed to the elements, so after time, there’s bound to be cracks forming. When these cracks worsen, leaks will also start to develop. A sealant can help with solving the issue short-time, but the leaks will keep showing up and you will eventually require a replacement.

Leaks will often also form in the joints of traditional sectional spouting. This is why we always recommend that our clients opt for continuous spouting. The continuous option is ideal because, with fewer joints, there are less fragile spots at risk of developing leaks.

3. Loose Spouting

Due to exposure to the elements and regular wear and tear, your spouting will sometimes start to separate and become loose over time. This will mean that leaks and blockages will start forming which will require repairs or replacement. It’s important to make sure your spouting is regularly maintained because if a storm hits with damaging winds, your spouting could be separated further.

This is another reason why continuous spouting is a perfect option—there are far fewer joints required with a continuous spouting system, so there is less chance of separation issues occurring.

Time for a gutter replacement?

The team at Custom Fascia & Spouting are here to help with all your guttering needs. We install high-quality guttering and spouting solutions throughout New Zealand and we’ll be more than happy to assist you with finding the best spouting system to suit your property exactly.

To minimise the chances of some of these common guttering and spouting issues occurring, we recommend you consider opting for continuous spouting.

Learn more about continuous spouting today or get in contact with our expert team to arrange your obligation-free quote.  

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