Continuous Spouting: What are the Benefits?

Thursday 19th December 2019

Here at Custom Fascia & Spouting, we’ve been installing continuous spouting systems for properties across New Zealand for many years.

We’re strong believers in the continuous style and we hope we can convince you to opt for continuous spouting when it comes time to update or replace the spouting and guttering at your place.

Not quite sure what all the fuss is about when it comes to continuous spouting?

Our team of experts have created a simple summary outlining some of the many benefits of continuous spouting and why it should be your first choice for your new rainwater system.

Less Seams = Fewer Leaks

Continuous spouting is custom made to fit the length of your property. Because of its continuous design, there are far fewer joints compared to traditional forms of spouting (which are constructed from multiple pieces that have been joined together). Typically, the seams and joints of a spouting system are the most fragile parts and this is where leaks and blockages will generally happen first.

This means that you’re far less likely to encounter leakage and blockage issues when you opt for continuous spouting styles. You’ll also end up saving yourself money down the track because less repairs and maintenance work will be required with a continuous system.


Not only is continuous spouting extremely durable but it will also help improve the overall appearance of your property. Because of the continuous design, this particular type of spouting creates an extremely sleek and streamlined look—an easy way to refresh your property and add market value.

Continuous spouting can be made in a range of styles including quarter-round or half-round spouting, box gutters or old gothic designs—so there will be a spouting option to complement your property regardless of its age and style.

Other Benefits

Functional, durable and aesthetically-pleasing, continuous spouting is increasingly becoming more and more popular for property owners throughout New Zealand.

Some of the other benefits of continuous spouting that should be noted include:

  • Less joints/seams also means that there’s less silicone or rivets required throughout the installation process. Costs for materials are reduced and the installation process is much quicker than standard types of spouting.
  • Because continuous spouting is constructed to the exact specifications of your property, there won’t be off-cuts leftover—so there’s a lot less waste created than there is with traditional spouting.

Make the switch to continuous spouting

Have we helped convince you that continuous spouting is the best option for your property? Get in contact with our team of experts today to arrange your obligation-free quote.

Here at Custom Fascia & Spouting, we install continuous spouting in a wide range of styles and colours—making it our mission to help our clients find the best fit for their property. Need more inspiration? Check out our continuous spouting styles today.

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