Your Complete Fascia Guide

6th March 2020

An architectural term, the fascia of a building refers to the band that runs under the roof’s edge.

The fascia will connect to the ends of your property’s rafter and trusses and works to support the lower edge of the tiles and guttering.

Not only is the fascia essential for the structure of a property, but it can also be installed in a range of materials and styles—this means you can take advantage of your fascia when it comes to the aesthetic of your property.

Have a read of our blog below as we investigate some of the most popular types of materials used for fascia panelling

1. Timber Fascia

Timber is one of the most popular materials used for fascia boards and it’s the option we often recommend our clients go with. Timber is a top choice because it suits properties of all ages and blends seamlessly with any aesthetic the property owner is wanting to achieve.

Here at Custom Fascia & Spouting, we recommend timber fascia because it’s easily customisable and can be quickly installed to all existing roof types. Our timber fascia options are installed via a simple attachment system, helping you save on both money and time by opting for a quick installation.

2. Aluminium Fascia

Another material that is frequently used for fascia panelling is aluminium. Aluminium is a popular choice for property owners because it’s extremely tough and durable which makes it perfect for protection against wild weather conditions.

Aluminium is easily installed and it can also be customised to fit your specific requirements. A low maintenance option that will bring a sleek aesthetic to any New Zealand property, aluminium is a simple choice when it comes time to update your fascia.

3. Vinyl Fascia

Vinyl materials have also been used over the years for fascia panelling. Vinyl fascia is commonly known for its affordable price tag and low maintenance upkeep.

Repair and replacement jobs are also usually more affordable than other materials on the market. Similar to aluminium, vinyl is another durable option that is tough enough to withstand changing weather conditions.

Want to learn more about fascia?

For all your questions regarding fascia panelling, be sure to get in touch with the team of experts at Custom Fascia & Spouting today. We’ve been installing fascia throughout New Zealand for many years now and we can help you decided on the best option to suit your property.

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