4 Of The Most Common Gutter Repairs in Auckland Homes

December 17 2018

4 Of The Most Common Gutter Repairs in Auckland Homes

December 17 2018

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Gutters and spouting play a vital role in keeping your roof and your home protected from water damage. They are the unsung hero of your homes’ line of defence against the elements and yet, are often overlooked by homeowners. It’s crucial that you keep your spouting and gutters clean and carry out maintenance as soon as it is required to avoid issues down the track. Gutter repairs take place in residential Auckland homes all too regularly and are often due to little more than a lack of maintenance.

Ignoring problems with your spouting and guttering can result in debris building up inside your spouting system.


Once blockages and build-up occur, problems can escalate quickly with cracks appearing that eventually turn into leaks and then develop into much more serious problems over time.

In order to keep your spouting and gutters working properly and to keep your roof, as well as the interior of your home, safe from potential water damage, be sure to keep an eye out for problems with your system and take action quickly.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common gutter repairs taking place in Auckland homes and how you can recognise them.

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Missing or Loose Spouting

Gutter repairs in Auckland are much more prevalent after a storm has blown through the city because high winds and very heavy rain can dislodge gutters or blow them away altogether if they are not properly maintained. If you haven’t kept up with your maintenance duties, you may also experience sagging as water and debris build up in the system.

This extra weight can cause spouting brackets to become loose and unstable. In order to identify problems like this, it’s best to check over your property after any major storms.

Blocked Gutters

For your gutters and spouting to work efficiently, they need to be clear of debris, leaves, twigs and other foreign objects. If they are clogged, they can quickly become susceptible to mould growth, which can develop into more serious problems.

When cleaning your gutters ensure you are very thorough and once all debris has been removed, flush them out with a garden hose to check they are completely clear.

Leaking Spouting

While it is very rare for continuous spouting to leak, sectional spouting is prone to leaks as there are more joins that can become damaged. Exposure to the elements over time such as harsh sunshine, strong winds, frost and heavy rain can all cause your spouting to crack and potentially start leaking.

Ageing can also cause spouting seams to weaken and while using a sealant can fix your leaks in the short-term, you will eventually need a gutter replacement. When the time comes to do so, it’s best to choose a continuous spouting installation to avoid the same problems again in the future.

Wear and Tear

Gutters and spouting are designed to last for a few decades, however, a time will come when they have reached the end of their life and need to be replaced – regardless of how well they were maintained. Professional gutter repairs in Auckland will help to give your system more longevity but eventually, repairs won’t be enough and you will be throwing good money after bad.

Speak with a gutter installation professional if you think your gutters are maxed out to discuss your options going forward. In the meantime, keep your gutters clean and carry out regular maintenance to make sure they last as long as possible.

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