Colour Chart

Basic New Zealand Colours – with ceramic pigmentation

Basic New Zealand colours incorporate the most popular colours, most of which are commonly stocked by manufacturers throughout New Zealand.

Note: All colours shown are reproduced within the practical limitations of the process used.

Metallic Colours

Colours in this range may vary slightly between production runs, so it is important that the entire quantity required for each project is provided as a single order. Metallic colours also incur higher material costs than others in the ZMX, ZRXTM and ARXTM ColorCote® range.

Designer colours – with ceramic pigmentation.

Colours in this range are not generally carried ex-stock by manufacturers, but are available on request by them from Pacific Coilcoaters who will then paint the required amount of material to order, bearing in mind minimum quantities and production lead times. Refer to the back of this colour chart.

Please note: slight variations may occur from the ColorCote® pre-painted metal product.

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