What is the Best Material for a Fascia Board?

Thursday 26th December 2019

Fascia boards play an extremely important role when it comes to both the look and functionality of your property. A good fascia panelling system will help support the lower edge of your roofing and will visually finish off the look.

The fascia will generally be mounted where the roof meets the outer walls of the house and is sometimes referred to as “the roofline.” These days, fascia panelling can be made in an extensive range of materials, styles and colours—so there’s something to suit practically any property type and age.

Here at Custom Fascia & Spouting, we often get asked by clients which material is best? This really depends on your property, needs, style preferences and budget.

However, one of our favourite types of fascia which we regularly recommend is timber.

Have a read below to find out why timber is a perfect option for the new fascia panelling at your place.

Why timber fascia?

Timber fascia panelling is easily customisable and will suit properties new and old—this is why it’s such a popular option for many of our New Zealand clients.

Timber fascia panelling can be used in conjunction with a wide range of roofing types and the installation process is quick and easy because it’s installed via a simple attachment system. So regardless of how old or new your property is, you’ll save on both time and money by opting for this quick and straightforward installation process.

Here at Custom Fascia & Spouting, our timber fascia is constructed from highly durable materials which have been sourced from the most trusted suppliers.

This is to ensure your new panelling system is built to last for many years to come without the need for regular maintenance, repairs or replacement.

Our fascia options:

Our expert team here at Custom Fascia & Spouting install a range of different fascia options.

We’d be delighted to help you find the best fascia option to suit your vision precisely. Our full fascia range includes:

  • Standard fascia panels in either 135mm, 150mm or 190mm (a woodgrain option is also available)
  • Timber fascia panels in 165mm or 195mm

Refresh your property today:

Does the fascia panelling of your property require replacing? Here at Custom Fascia & Panelling, we’ve been helping property owners across New Zealand find the best fascia to suit their style preferences and budget perfectly.

Take a look at our full range of fascia or to arrange your quote—get in contact with our team of specialists today.


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